Online Safety

Mrs Mandy Cairncross

Online Safety Co-ordinator

Online Safety highlights the need to educate children and young people about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using the Internet and Information Technology including electronic communication via mobile devices, games consoles, tablet PCs and wireless technology.
• Online Safety includes safeguarding children and young people in the digital world
• Online Safety highlights the importance of learning how to use and understand new technologies in a positive way.
• Online Safety is more about educating children and young people about the risks as well as benefits of using the Internet so we can feel confident online.
• Online Safety is more about supporting children and young people to learn how to be responsible and develop
safe online conduct at all times both in and out of school.                                                              
Children and young people are increasingly using social media from a  very early age, a few safety tips:
· Parents/Guardians should know what their children are accessing and doing online
· Children and young people should know what they must do if they are upset by something they see or hear online
· Children and young people should know that when they use social media they must always be polite and respectful
· Social Media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have minimum age recommendations
· Games consoles do have parental controls
Anonymous Texting service for all pupils or parents/ CarersPEN4 + their message to 078600 21584. 
These messages will go straight through to allocated members of staff that will deal with these issues in a safely guarded environment.
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Online Internet Buddies
Our Internet Buddies are a very important part of our school: This year our pupils have elected a member from each year group and they are responsible for talking to any pupil that has concerns about any part of Online or Internet based issues and/or concerns.
The Internet Buddy may have to talk with staff over the matters that may arise after an initial communication and that is transparent in taking the Student Internet Buddy role but is there as a friendly first step towards eradicating negative thoughts or behaviours that an individual may have.
Mandy Cairncross
Online Safety Coordinator 
We were very lucky to have had the company of Jane McFall from SCOMIS with us at Pencalenick on our Coffee Morning held on 25th September 2017. Jane is our Internet Safety Advisor and works closely with our own Internet Safety Officer, Mandy Cairncross. Please see below for a detailed powerpoint that she talked through to attending parents followed by an open question and answer session.