Our Outreach Support is mainly available to the secondary phase, particularly our ARB partners. However, we are happy to offer more general support on a commission basis. The support takes the form of in-service training and giving advice.

We believe in sharing best practice from internal and external sources. We adopt an enquiry based learning approach which links research to classroom practice.

Coaching and Leadership Development Consultancy (NLE/NSS)

Highly qualified and successful school leader, School Improvement Partner, National Leader in Education and qualified leadership coach offering:

  • Individual or team coaching in relation to change management, dealing with conflict, project management or career progression
  • Enhancing emotional and social literacy in leadership teams, personality traits and their impact on improvement and teamwork, performance management, accountability and listening skills
  • Support offered in a bespoke manner, depending on specific needs, and can take the form of individual, team or whole school support or CPD

Outreach support can be delivered through telephone, video conferencing, email or face-to-face meetings and/or CPD. It has proved very useful to offer visits or placements to the school for other practitioners and we have the facilities to deliver CPD for teachers and Teaching Assistants on site if required. We do not believe that we have all the answers, but are passionate about developing our own learning, skills and expertise, whilst enabling the networking and sharing of best practice across Cornwall.

Please contact:

Mrs Helen Campbell

Head of School/SENCO