Residential Provision

Pencalenick School is a countywide provision and has a vibrant, lively and popular residential facility. We can accommodate up to 25 pupils each week. The provision is open from Monday to Friday (4 nights) for term times only and is primarily for pupils who live too far away to travel to school on a daily basis but can also offer short break provision depending on availability.

There is no distinction between pupils who stay all week and those who access short break provision in terms of enjoyment and positive responses. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are afforded the same access to developing self help skills and becoming independent young people enabled to make choices and decisions, whether they are here for one night or four. We do this in an atmosphere, which is safe, fun, celebrates diversity and which supports pupils in facing their own personal challenges. 

Pupils state that:

  • They like staying at school because they don’t have any friends where they live but they do here.
  • The staff are cool and do fun things.
  • They have a lovely bedroom that’s nice and cosy with a comfy bed.

The Staff group of 9 are committed, enthusiastic and caring. They are trained for the role that they perform and are confident and skilful in managing behaviour. Parents are very complimentary and say that they:

  • ‘Can relax when my child is staying at school because I know they are safe and well cared for’.
  • ‘The residential provision of the school has been the best experience ever – the staff are brilliant’.
  • ‘Communication is excellent. I’m always kept informed about my child’.

Many parents feel that their children are more independent as a result of boarding and that in many cases their children’s behaviour had improved too. Pupils, staff and parents are overwhelmingly positive about boarding.

Our Ofsted Residential School inspection page can be viewed online, please see the following link: