Safeguarding Position with SPT


Job Title: Designated Safeguarding Lead
Responsible to: Local governing Body and Trustees of the Special Partnership Trust


1. Main function of the job

Acting as the main point of contact within the setting for safeguarding and child protection.

2. Skills required

  •   The ability to foster good relationships with parents/carers, children and adults working/volunteering with children within the setting

  •   An interest in the well-being of children and in safeguarding and child protection matters.

  •   A willingness to challenge opinion, where necessary, and to drive the child protection agenda.

  •   Strong listening skills and the ability to deal with sensitive situations with integrity.

  •   The confidence and good judgment to manage situations relating to the poor conduct/behaviour of

    others towards a child.

  •   Sound understanding of the safeguarding agenda.

    3. Main Tasks

    Safeguarding Children:

  •   Implementing, promoting and reviewing the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and

    Procedures within the setting

  •   Acting as the main point of contact within the setting, receiving and acting upon any reported

    concerns. This includes ensuring that the completed paperwork is accurate, correct, fully completed

    and reviewed as necessary and stored in a secure and safe place.

  •   Ensuring all staff are familiar with, and adhere to the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy that is

    in place and know the procedures to follow and who to go to should the need arise. This should be

    included as part of the staff induction programme.

  •   Providing support, advice and guidance to any other staff on an ongoing basis or on any specific

    safeguarding issue as required.

  •   Implementing, maintaining and updating the policy and procedures on an annual basis or as


  •   Ensuring that all relevant contact names and numbers are known to staff and displayed in an

    accessible place at all times.

  •   Keeping abreast of developments and understanding the latest information on data protection,

    confidentiality and other legal issues that impact on the protection of children, including attending

    appropriate regular training and ensuring all staff have appropriate and up to date training.

  •   Ensuring all relevant information around Safeguarding and Child Protection is communicated to the

    staff team through staff meetings.

  •   Providing guidance on relevant matters to all staff members as appropriate and promoting best

    safeguarding practice at all times.

  •   Advocating the importance of Safeguarding and Child Protection to parents so that they know we

    have their child’s best interests at the heart of our practice.

  •   Monitoring child attendance, including non-attendance, accidents logs, pre-existing injury reports, concern forms and incident forms to exclude any possible child protection issues. Ensure any relevant information is recorded and acted upon accordingly.

  •   Representing the key link to statutory agencies (Social Care or Police) during and following any formal investigations that may have to take place. This includes maintaining confidential records of reported cases, action taken, liaising with the statutory agencies and ensuring they have access to all necessary information.

  •   Liaising with local children’s services and our LSSCB as necessary

  •   Advocating the importance of Safeguarding and Child Protection to parents, staff, volunteers and


  •   Ensuring that when on leave or absent from work for any significant period, that the role of DSL is

    suitably covered by the Deputy DSL or another suitably trained member of staff.

    For support and advice please contact:

    South West Child Protection Procedures
    Local Safeguarding Children Board Website

    Allegation against an adult working with children:

    Further information on appropriate and safe behaviours for all adults working with children in paid or unpaid capacities can be found in Safe Working Practice guidance. Guidance for staff facing an allegation is available to download from our website.

    If you are the person who is responsible for responding to allegations, you must consult with the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) within 24 hours. When you refer an allegation the LADO will:
    advise you of the next steps to take

  •   how to manage talking about the allegation with the adult.

  •   how to inform the child’s parents/carers

  •   how the employer safeguards children throughout any investigation

  •   what they expect of you and other agencies involved.

    These notifications must be made within 24 hours and backed up in writing within 14 days of the allegation being made. A registered provider who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with this requirement, commits an offence. It is the responsibility of the head teacher to gather information where an allegation has been made against a member of staff not the DSL.

    For support and advice please contact: Contact 1 Justine Hosking Principal LADO

    Robin Heath LADO

    Julie Moss LADO

    Nicky Cook Safeguarding Support Officer

    Telephone LADO Administrator 01872 326536

    Contact 2

    Karen Dale Senior Manager

    Further Information can be found at:

    Cornwall Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)

Useful resources and websites

The following are available at

  •   Safe Working Practice guidance

  •   E-Safety Policy guidance

  •   Recruitment and retention guidance and checklist

  •   Working Together to Safeguard Children 2016

  •   NSPCC