SCITT - for Trainee Teachers

9th January 2017

Mr Chris Brigg

Head of Key Stage 4

SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teacher Training)

As part of their training, trainee teachers following the SCITT programme through Truro College can elect to spend a day at Pencalenick and experience working in a special school. 
The visits are organised for the Autumn term and this year we have had 34 students observing and supporting our pupils. 
We really promote the opportunity for students to visit and experience our school as it may be the only time they have the chance to work with pupils who attend a special school. 
Feedback we receive following the visits is always very positive and many students comment on how they have taken teaching strategies they have observed at Pencalenick and successfully incorporated into their main stream placements. 
Twelve  students have showed interest in returning to Pencalenick to complete a block placement in the summer term of which we will offer three placements.