Tectona sailing Trip 12th October

1st October 2017

Mrs Gwinnie Griffiths

Catering Teacher

TECTONA Sailing Trip 12th October

The older students in Mrs Smith’s tutor group were excited to hear they had the opportunity to spend a day sailing in Plymouth on the Tectona, a 1928 gaff rigged ketch.

We arrived in Plymouth and were kitted out with life jackets and enjoyed learning about John’s collection of sea creatures. The sea squirts really did squirt and it was amazing to watch crabs feeding right under the boat through an underwater camera.

On board we motored around the harbour. At first we were all a bit wobbly on our feet and so sat happily on the huge bean bags eating our lunch. Eventually we had the courage to explore the Tectona. Watching from the bow was wonderful as it seemed we were going so fast. It was a bit bumpy when a speedboat came past but we managed to stay on our feet. A huge grey navy frigate passed by, a tug boat and a massive cargo boat came near too.

Once we had our sea legs some students took the opportunity to steer the Tectona, after a short lesson big grins appeared as each student realised they could steer the boat and move us around the harbour independently.

Just before docking we carefully climbed below decks to explore the cabins. Brave students were shown the big blue 225 horse power diesel engine which filled half a cabin and had once powered a French tractor.

We arrived back at Pencalenick tired but happy after our wonderful sailing adventure.