Video Interactive Guidance workshops for parents

21st February 2017

Mrs Jean Stevens

Family Liaison

Towards the end of last term we had the opportunity to hold two workshops for our parents/carers and families regarding Video Interactive Guidance (VIG.) These were led by Zoe Stephens who is an Educational Psychologist and VIG guider.

The workshops were to support us to think about the nuts and bolts of communication and interaction, to consider our unique situation of communication with our own child and to help identify and support some personal goals to work towards in order to be more successful.

Both workshops were well attended and proved to be a positive learning experience as well as another opportunity to come together for a coffee and an informal chat.

Zoe was delighted to receive such positive feedback from those who attended and hopes that we will all benefit from these sessions.


If you would like any further information about VIG please see their website.


Jean Stevens

Family Liaison