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Physical Education

At Pencalenick, we believe that Physical Education is accessible to all. Physical Education provides pupils with valuable transferrable skills that they can take from learning opportunities into real-life scenarios; it is a resource for lifelong learning. Physical Education not only promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and allows pupils to enjoy the benefits of physical activity, including improved physical and mental wellbeing,  but uniquely allows the development of both physical and emotional attributes, including:

  • Working individually, with a partner and as part of a team
  • Taking part and understanding turn-taking
  • Problem solving
  • Winning and losing, and the emotional resilience needed to underpin this.

To maximise these benefits, we have developed a diverse bespoke P.E. curriculum, which encompasses the following strands:

  • Sensory development
  • Swimming
  • Movement
  • Cardiovascular development
  • Games
  • Cycling
  • Athletics

Sensory Development enables pupils to develop their understanding of the space around them, their gross and fine motor development and coordination, through sensory activities designed to be fun and enjoyable. This has been enabled by utilising the Sports Premium P.E. Grant, allowing us to purchase specific equipment for all pupils to access, under the guidance of our Physiotherapists.

In Cornwall, swimming is an important skill for enjoyment and safety in our local coastal environment, enabling pupils to access social and leisure opportunities outside of school.

Our pupils thoroughly enjoy taking part in movement sessions, developing coordination skills, turn-taking and a sense of self in space, all vital attributes in real-life scenarios. Included in movement sessions is Rebound Therapy, which has enriched our curriculum offer.

Pupils have access to an industry standard cardiovascular suite, where they engage in developing personal fitness and personal challenge. The Fitness Suite also gives pupils confidence to continue their fitness journey upon leaving school by joining local gyms in their community, allowing independence and social opportunities in the future.

We offer a diverse range of team games, including wheelchair basketball, curling, badminton, football, cricket and basketball, to suit all abilities. The approach to team games is inclusive of all participants. Within team games, there are many learning opportunities, including understanding others, communication and negociation, turn-taking, being a team-player and winning and losing, all of which require emotional resilience and are crucial life skills.

Pupils have access to a range of bikes, from striders to mountain bikes, to cater to all abilities and needs. Cycling is an important life skill which can offer independence upon leaving school, and informs pupils about sustainable travel whilst enjoying and protecting our natural environment.

During the Summer term, pupils have access to track and field activities at their appropriate level, where they improved their speed, accuracy and distance in a respectful competitive environment, which is celebrated in our inclusive annual Sports Day.

Other physical development opportunities at Pencalenick

We actively seek out new opportunities and grants to enable all pupils to experience diverse activities, especially those unique to Cornwall. These include sailing through The Roseland Sailing Trust and enjoying the Cornish Pirates Rugby Academy coaching project. Pupils regularly take part in sporting competitions through the Cornwall P.E. Partnership, engaging with pupils from other schools and developing sportspersonship skills. We also have links with local mainstream schools, completing partnership projects in which pupils from different backgrounds have the opportunity to build new relationships.


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