"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done." - Alan Turing

The new Computing curriculum is very challenging and exciting. The subject content consists of Computer Science (CS), Information Technology (IT) and Digital Literacy (DL). Pupil's progression is shown by moving through coloured rows for Algorithms, Programming and development, Data and Data Representation, Hardware and Processing, Communication and Networks and Information Technology.

Last year we started to use Scratch as a programming language. Students found this very rewarding and enjoyable and by using task analysis in the form of a Power Point presentation, step by step instructions can be followed on the iPads showing how to use this program. This term we are learning to use Kodu as a second programming language. Programming has been very successful during lessons and it gives our students an opportunity for problem solving an area which our students need to practice and find difficult. Programming is open ended and challenging and enables students to fly off and do amazing things independently. Programming develops logical reasoning and students get a great fulfilment when they can independently de-bug programs. Programming enables students to create their own games, animations, music, art or applications. It has also got very strong links with numeracy and literacy but best of all most students really enjoy it! But of course this is just a part of the new curriculum that promises to stimulate our students.

"I like Kodu." Dan
"Hey Miss, I've just found out something new!" Alec
"This is cool stuff." Siobhan
"Can I do this lesson again?" Jack
"I can do this!" Tia