Dance improves pupils’ self confidence and self esteem, and it provides an opportunity for creative learning both within the lesson and across curriculum areas. It increases the pupils’ ability to learn through movement, and allows the development of creative communication and expression of skills in pupils who find verbal communication difficult.

Dance at Pencalenick focuses on improvisation and choreography, with the aim of having fun and learning dance skills along the way. Pupils learn to copy and repeat actions in short dance phrases and begin to practice and perform as part of a group. They learn to change the rhythm, speed and direction of their movement in order to express emotion and reflect the mood of the music.

The flexible teaching style encompasses all interests and aptitude in order to encourage and motivate the pupils, and to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to showcase their talents. We work as a team to choose fun and enjoyable ideas to turn into a dance. Pupils learn how to improvise and choose actions which they put together to express their idea to an audience.

Each lesson is focused on exploring dance as a group. Pupils are encouraged to support and guide each other, and they quickly become accustomed to giving and receiving constructive criticism. This gives way to a safe and secure environment where the pupils feel confident to take risks.