December 2016

1st December 2016

Mrs Mandy Cairncross

ICT Teacher

Media Studies

Simon Williams, from Cymaz, joined our year 10 Media Group. He brought with him a wealth of enthusiasm and some great ideas for using apps to produce movies. Our students created their own short films by using the Green Screen app (Do ink) and then added their own music using the Launchpad app. We then used the Movie app to make our final short film. At Christmas we showcased our movies to staff and pupils and played carols with kazoos! We replicated this in year 11 Media Study lessons so that they too benefited from the knowledge passed on from Simon. It was great fun and we shall be making more movies soon! No BAFTA awards yet though...!


Many thanks to our friends at Software Cornwall for their loan of the Raspberry Pi-Tops at Christmas. Pupils were able to use ‘Python’ software to program a game in Minecraft as well as having an online game during the Christmas activities. We really liked the appearance of the Raspberry Pi and the gaming was great fun. We hope to have another Raspberry Pi activity in the future.