Drama lessons are lively and fun!

Each lesson is focused on communication and interaction and involves a range of skills such as speaking, listening, moving, miming, creating and performing. Using props, masks, music and costume, the pupils are invited into many different worlds, experiences, situations and scenes in order to practice their skills, express their opinions and flex their creative muscles.

A fundamental aim of every lesson is to create a safe place for each pupil to feel relaxed, inspired and a valued part of the group. The acceptance of others, taking turns, sharing, supporting and appreciating others’ work and views is a very important part of what we do.

Drama builds confidence and self-esteem. It is a vehicle for exploration that enables pupils to learn about themselves and how to relate to others. We can anticipate and prepare for situations, revisit

them when needed and focus on events, feelings and behaviours in order to clarify and deepen understanding. In this way Drama offers a unique opportunity to rehearse for life and make sense of the world outside of Pencalenick.