Educational Psychology

Cornwall Educational Psychology Service- Mid team

Roosje Rautenbach- Educational Psychologist


I have grown up in Cornwall, and worked as a teacher and SENCo in a local primary school before training as an Educational Psychologist. I joined Cornwall EPS in 2008 during my placement as a Trainee Educational Psychologist. Since qualifying in 2010, I have continued to work largely within the mid team, specifically in the Truro area. I have also worked at Pencalenick School from 2011 and 2013 within the school’s Communication and Interaction team.

My range of work has included:

· Using a range of assessments to help identify varying needs of children and young people. Supporting schools and families in developing actions to meet needs identified in the assessments.

· Supporting school in implementing Interventions to develop social, emotional and mental health (i.e. Emotion Coaching, Loss and Change Groups, Lego Therapy, Draw and Talk, Circle of Friends)

· Supporting schools in developing interventions to support behavioural change (i.e. visuals and Video Feedforward (VFF)).

· Video Interaction Guidance (VIG). I trained in VIG in 2009 when I used VIG as part of my doctoral research thesis. I have continued to use VIG with families in addition to using it with teachers in a secondary special school specialising in supporting young people with social, communication and learning difficulties. I started to supervise VIG trainees in 2012 and became an accreditated supervisor in 2016. I continue to supervise trainees throughout their VIG training.

· Supervision of staff and staff surgeries.

· Staff training and development through coaching and VERP (Video Enhanced Reflective Practice).

· Staff training in Emotion Coaching, Attachment, VFF, VIG, Precision Teaching, Social Stories, Engaging Learners.

· Parent workshops on Emotion Coaching.