Trampolining Therapy

28th February 2017

Mrs Anne-Marie Moore

Learning Mentor

Working within the PE department I have noticed that the scheme of work we use for trampolining was not always accessible to all of our pupils. After researching this I found a Rebound Therapy course where trampolining is used as an exercise therapy to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people with a wide range of needs. This provides children with a huge number of benefits for example communication, body awareness, eye contact, muscle tone and relaxation to name a few.

During the two days we covered the safety aspects of using a trampoline including setting up and putting away. This was followed by being taught several techniques that we could use when working with our pupils, including the first three grades of the Winstrada Award Scheme. We were also lucky enough to witness a case study with a young individual who has been receiving Rebound Therapy to help with communication as well as to improve muscle tone. There was a big emphasis on the session being child led with the child choosing which exercise they would like to start with or do next. These sessions usually lasted between 15 – 20 minutes.

Rebound Therapy works alongside the Winstrada Award Programme. This award scheme starts as Rebound Therapy exercises and tapers into special needs trampolining and then onto mainstream skills. This award scheme will cover all our pupils’ abilities across the whole school.

I've put the course training into immediate action at Pencalenick School, working one to one with pupils and I’m hoping to follow this up with the Rebound Plus moving into mainstream course for our more able pupils.


Anne-Marie Moore

PE Learning Mentor

For more information on Rebound Therapy or the Winstrada Award Scheme, please click on the links below.