Fresh Start Phonics

1st February 2018

Mrs Rebecca Parkinson

A- prime Learning Mentor

Being completely new to phonics, I found this course to be extremely helpful in understanding how to set up a fast-paced intervention strategy for children requiring additional support with their reading and writing. Although the programme is initially designed to be a tool for secondary pupils in a mainstream setting, I was able to see a clear scale of progression and an “end goal” which can be transferred into the classroom at Pencalenick.
Since the completing the training we assessed the pupils in S Prime and have arranged them into appropriate groups to allow the correct level of intervention. Having smaller groups has enabled us to work at a suitable pace, giving each pupil the chance to progress and succeed in their reading and writing. Becky Smith and I are working closely to share resources and advice taken from the Fresh Start training, which has been benefiting each pupil individually in S Prime with measurable progress being seen.
I enjoyed taking part in this training and am grateful for being given the opportunity to use the skills I gained from the course in the classroom. I am much more confident in my teaching now that I have a clear strategy to deliver an effective phonics programme.