Holocaust Memorial Day

1st January 2018

Mr Andy Wadsworth

Head of My Independence Faculty

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day pupils at Pencalenick took part in a week of cross-curricular learning on The Holocaust and genocide.

 In different lessons over the week, pupils learnt about the personal experiences of those who survived The Holocaust. These included the experiences of people at Auschwitz–Birkenau. As part of this learning pupils thought about the feelings of the prisoners and their guards and discussed the impact these experiences have had on society today.

Pupils also studied Anne Franks’ diary, learnt about the importance of The Schindler Museum and the learnt the history of The Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach Florida.

In addition, lessons and assemblies looked at concepts such as discrimination, equality, fairness, human rights and being responsible. There was also learning about the influence that The Holocaust had on the work of artists and musicians.

Learning about genocides in Cambodia and Bosnia helped pupils think about why something as terrible as genocide continues to happen and why tolerance and respect are important.

Different topics were chosen for different groups of pupils and lessons were tailored to make the learning accessible and relevant. The result of this and the commitment and hard work of the staff team meant that the week was a huge success. Our pupils enthusiastically engaged in discussions with staff and their peers about their feelings and ideas on a topic that they found very interesting and very challenging.