Independent Learning

10th January 2017

Mrs Kelly Dorman

Learning Mentor Supervisor

Twilight Session for Learning Mentors - Independent Learning

Tuesday 10th January 2017


Thinking creatively about problems, having the determination to overcome barriers and using personal experiences to understand situations are all qualities of independent thinkers.


What a training session to attend after a lovely Christmas Holiday, with our family and friends. To the staff here at Pencalenick we are all so grateful that simple tasks we do everyday are easy to us (well some!).  Some pupils here at school are faced with anxiety about their school day, what is for lunch, who will they play with at break time and for those in year 11 they are beginning to think about life after Pencalenick, college and employment.


As Learning Mentors we have the privilege to work closely with the pupils we support. There are times when we get so involved with their learning, we forget to allow our pupils the independence they need to be able to succeed. We all realized that we need to let our pupils develop resilience, therefore we need to let them make mistakes, get things wrong, allowing them to think about how to make it right.


As a group we sat and watched some recordings of staff supporting our pupils in lessons. This was interesting; to watch colleagues using different styles of support was a positive learning aid for those watching. Different questioning and words used make a huge difference. Watching staff supporting pupils read was an eye opener for many including myself. Learning mentors sit next to pupils whilst they read, listening, sound out words if stuck, point to a word if missed, laugh with the pupil if funny and encourage discussion about the pictures and story. We take care not to say too much and only speak when needed, this is a hard support aid as we want to do the very best for every individual when supporting learning, equally not to speak or interrupt too much is a good tool to aid in independent learning and resilience.


Over the next few weeks the Learning Mentors will be working with one child that they have chosen to support independent learning. They will produce evidence, photos and/or a learning journal. As a team we will get together after school and discuss the journey of support given.


I will let you know what the findings of our task are.