Maths For Science

25th January 2018

Mrs Sharon Adams

Head of My Thinking Faculty

Maths for Science


One of the difficulties that our pupils share is the ability to transfer their knowledge from one subject to another. This was becoming particularly apparent with our GCSE students. They may understand scatter graphs in Maths but ask them a question about correlation in science and they cannot relate the two.

To address this problem, we have timetabled a ‘Maths for Science’ lesson once a week which both Mrs Adams and Mr Oak teach together. This lesson has proven to be hugely successful with year 11 and has definitely helped in their transferal of skills. These lessons are practical and involve lots of debate and pupil led interaction. We try to encourage pupils to discuss and question as a way of learning, asking leading questions to make them think. Watching pupils make a ‘human scatter graph’, plotting their height against their shoe size, was particularly interesting and led to discussions about outliers and why some results may not be as expected. We are confident that this new approach to cross curricular teaching will continue to help consolidate ‘Maths for Science’ knowledge and that this will be reflected in our GCSE result this summer.