Learning Mentors

25th June 2015

Mrs Kelly Dorman

Learning Mentor Supervisor

At Pencalenick Learning Mentors have the privilege to support pupils in and out of the classroom. They have a wealth of experience, dedication and aspire to support each pupil to achieve the best outcomes, both socially and academically.

Before lessons they communicate with teachers to find out what will be taught in the lesson. Discussions are held regarding support to individual pupils and what the learning outcomes will be. In all lessons Learning Mentors monitor and record information about pupils commenting on:

  • What the pupils are learning
  • How they will do this
  • What levels the class are working towards
  • Questions that are asked and who asks the questions
  • Improvements made by individual pupils
  • Significant achievements or milestones
  • A change in individual learning (concern/improvement)
  • Recommendations for future learning in next lesson

Teachers use this information to correlate progress or concern. This system has proven to be very useful when writing academic reports and in helping towards future lesson planning. Learning Mentors also use Behaviour Watch to comment on outstanding work in class, this is then seen by the pupil’s tutor and head of Key Stage. If targets are reached the pupils are awarded merit marks or raffle tickets depending on year groups and individual certificates or tutor rewards are presented during assemblies.