SET Blast - Social and Emotional Learning

23rd March 2016

Miss Charlotte Valles

English Teacher and SET Co-ordinator

On 22nd and 23rd March pupils took part in two days of activities designed to boost their social and emotional learning. Activities focused on collaborating, communicating and resolving problems. Pupils were able to try new challenges in a range of sessions including, Bike ability, Drama workshops, Lifeskills movie making day and the James Bond commando school. The sessions challenged pupils by encouraging them to work through problems both independently and constructively with their peers. Emphasis was focused on the areas of social and emotional development that underpins our learning ethos at Pencalenick. These focus areas are Communication and interaction, Problem solving, Change management, Independence, being Happy and Resilience, the areas are used in our Social and Emotional assessment to track pupils individual development. Research shows social and emotional learning improves achievement and prepares students for success in life as they are better equipped to manage themselves, understand and relate to others and make sound choices. Energy and enthusiasm amongst staff and pupils was easy to see in all of the sessions with pupils suggesting creative solutions and supporting each other.

Pupil comments from the Storytelling workshop:

“ ...keep trying and you can succeed late in life”. (Jack McBeth)

 “ Be kind and nice and helpful to others even if they are different”. (Sapphire May)