In Maths we aim to make learning interactive and fun in a safe environment where mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities. We encourage practical activities as a way of addressing challenge, ensuring all pupils reach their full potential. To encourage social skills we promote both group and paired work, allowing them to support and learn from each other.

Each week we look at Maths through the topics of Shape, Space and Measures, Number and Algebra, Data Handling, Investigations and Problem Solving and Key Skills. We make connections to everyday life through cooking, time, money and solving real-life practical problems.

We encourage parents to cook, shop, read the time, play games and practice times tables at home to support and practice essential maths skills. Lower School pupils are encouraged to join the Home Maths Scheme where they are allocated a maths game each week to take home. We also run intervention programmes to support individuals or small groups who may be having difficulties in class.

Pupils are familiar with our subscribed website, MyMaths, where they can access online lessons, activities and games. All pupils have a MyMaths password and can access the website through both PCs and tablets at home. We would encourage pupils to use this resource as a way of practicing their maths skills and having fun at the same time.

Pupils in Upper School will leave school with their Entry Level Maths qualification. Pupils who excel will have the opportunity to undertake a GCSE in Maths.