Maths APP of the Term

1st March 2018

Mr Richard Crowther

Maths Teacher

Medieval Maths Battle

Medieval Math Battle really does make maths into a game, as it is a turn-based battle game where you defeat your opponents (villains, giant spiders, goblins, dragons, etc) by answering questions based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

The maths problems increase in difficulty as the child improves their skills.

As you win battles you earn coins, potions and weapons. You can use the coins to buy new swords and shields and so forth. If the child plays for 15 minutes there’s a special daily bonus.

Medieval Math Battle is free, and comes with the Addition part of the game, but each extra maths type (subtraction, multiplication, division) costs 69p to unlock. So the full cost of everything is £2.07.

Apart from the sections to unlock there aren’t any other nasty in-app purchases in the game. Available on Itunes and Android