Media Studies offers a further outlet for pupils to use their imagination, whilst developing their knowledge of technology. Pupils use iMovie, iMotion and Green Screen apps on the iPads to improvise, rehearse and perform their very own movie trailers.

Horror is our genre of choice.  We begin by studying film clips in order to explore how their use of shadows, soundtrack and editing evokes tension and fear from the audience.  The next step is to make a storyboard for our scary movie trailer, where pupils work together and share ideas.

Media Studies is an amalgamation of all the Creative Arts subjects, coupled with technology.  We have great fun playing around with music and movement, making props and acting, and playing different roles in each other's trailers.

Pupils enjoy watching the finished pieces and work together in a very supportive and reflective manner, offering each other advice on how to improve. They particularly enjoy being able to showcase their work in assembly and beam with pride as the wider school shares in their achievement.