Headteacher Helen Campbell talks to Steve Hawker and Gareth Churcher from Cornwall Music Hub about the impact of the Open School’s orchestra and music teaching at Pencalenick. Please see below video

Music at Pencalenick offers pupils the opportuntiy to consider music from different eras, genres and cultures, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the many different styles. Pupils are encouraged to enhance their creativity and communication by exploring and developing skills in listening, creating and performing.

In every lesson there is a strong focus on group work and pupil interaction. We work as a team to explore sounds and play instruments, to create music which conveys mood and emotion, and to perform as a group. Pupils learn how to use their voice, how to identify and demonstrate musical elements and how to use music technology to compose.

Music promotes mutual respect and acceptance. Pupils are taught how to evaluate each others’ work and how to develop opinions based on performances and stylistic choice. They feel safe to express themselves through music in a secure and supportive environment.