My Body / My World

Mrs Danny Barry

Head of My World / My Body Faculty

My Body / My World is a faculty that includes Science, PE and humanities.  Our focus is to allow the pupils to explore the world within which they live and see how they fit into it.

It begins at the microscopic level where we look at the origins of life and the basis building blocks of science which allows pupils to explore and develop their learning through the honing of personal skills such as independence, problem solving and communication.  It is so important for the pupils to understand the world in which they life and how their individual actions can have a global effect.

Humanities takes these core principles and provides a real life context within which the pupils can apply and consolidate their learning in a variety of current and historic situations.

PE gives an opportunity to further practice their interpersonal skills through teamwork and fair play whilst growing their emotional resilience. 

My Body / My World provides the opportunity and context for the pupils to develop life-long skills for everyday life.


Danni Barry

Head of Faculty