My Communication

Mrs Cathy Smith

Head of My Communication Faculty

The Communications Faculty includes the English Department, the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department and Literacy across the school. 

Speaking, listening, understanding, reading and writing are integral parts of language, and we believe that exposure to a second language - in our case, French - can benefit children in their ability to understand and process language as a whole. This goes for sign languages too, which all pupils are encouraged to learn and use alongside their peers. Our culture of language development through questioning, constantly widening vocabulary and concept, is based on extensive baseline analysis of pupils' linguistic and cognitive developmental levels at entry.

Literacy has become the responsibility of the whole school for some years now, and the effects have been staggering. A culture of reading has developed, supported by committed tutor teams and a skilful programme of stretch for advanced readers, that has led to a continuous improvement in the number of pupils attaining reading fluency and the opportunity to access a GCSE grade, including at higher levels. This opportunity is available to pupils from the entire range of the school. Pupils who have the most severe difficulties on learning to read, often through dyslexia, are given individual catch-up packages which are carefully tailored to their need.

Our overarching aim is that the children can communicate with us, each other and the world around them. We teach active listening, and the children have grown to expect to hear, and to be heard. We value the contributions everyone makes, and we ask questions to learn more.

Please read on for more about how and what we teach.


Cathy Smith

Head of Faculty