November 2017

7th November 2017

Mrs Sharon Adams

Head of My Thinking Faculty

Mastery In Mathematics

Mastery in mathematics is important in ensuring that all pupils have a deeper understanding of the subject. Learning should no longer just be about ‘how’ but also ‘why’. This gives pupils the knowledge to apply skills to any given situation. Over the last few months, the Maths department have developed a new curriculum enabling us to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of pupils and develop their understanding accordingly. This also gives us an ability to identify any ‘missing’ concepts and back fill these along the way.

 In the recent past summer term, the Maths department delivered training to our mainstream colleagues cumulating in a day workshop hosted here at Pencalenick. The main objectives and outcomes helping them to develop their own strategies for deepening the learning of the low ability mathematician. This exercise involved exploring the use of language and also activites that can strengthen pupils’ understanding. During my time at Pencalenick, my teaching has had to change considerably. Everything needs to be more concrete and language needs to be developed slowly ensuring that mastery is completed before moving to the next level. The training went well, comments were positive and the opportunity to discuss further development of mastery in a mainstream setting was welcomed. Hopefully an experience that can be repeated.