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 "The behaviour of students is outstanding. Students are exceptionally proud of their school. They are keen to tell visitors all about it and how much they enjoy school life. When asked by an inspector what they would do to improve the school, one student replied, 'Nothing - it is wonderful!'"

"One parent told of how her son had attended numerous schools and that Pencalenick was the first school that had 'listened' to her and 'worked with her' to ensure his needs were met. She said the school was 'amazing'."

"Teaching is lively and motivates students very well."

"Teachers understand the needs of their students and have strong, productive relationships with them."

"The school works hard to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed."

- Ofsted Report, 2015

Residential Ofsted Report


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Our school DFE data can be found at Raise online.