Pencalenick Local Offer

Pencalenick Core Values

  1. Our pupils deserve the best.
  2. Teaching and learning is of outstanding quality driven by high expectations and ambition.
  3. Relationships are engaging and respectful; they provide a balance of challenge, support and care.
  4. We believe that everyone at Pencalenick has the ability to achieve great things.

In the Academic Year 2017 – 2018 we will meet these values by

  • Ensuring that joining the Special Partnership Trust enables Pencalenick School to provide experiences that have a positive impact on the learning and outcomes for pupils. (L.1; L.2; L.3; L.4; L.5; L.6; L.7)
  • Reviewing the curriculum, attainment processes and accreditation in order to ensure that there is evidence of high expectations, attainment and rich experiences which improve the outcomes for all pupils. (O.1; O.2)
  • The quality and standards of education at Pencalenick exceeds good. (E.1; E.2)
  • Moderate and quality assure the process of generating data around behaviour support packages and interventions (B.1; B.2)
  • Strengthen the curriculum offer to improve outcomes for pupils (T.1; T.2)
(the letters and numbers refer to action points in the school development plan)