School Uniform

Please name everything!


School Uniform

White shirt or polo shirt with navy blue sweatshirt.

Black or grey trousers, girls may wear skirts or culottes.

A school fleece and / or waterproof jacket.

Sensible shoes or trainers.


PE Kit

T Shirt, shorts, tracksuit, change of trainers.


Order School Uniform

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, PE shirts and fleeces are available to order from school. 

Please fill in the form below and return to Pencalenick School; either by post, with your son/daughter, or by email to:

Warm weather uniform guidelines
When the weather is warm knee length black or grey shorts are permissible for boys and culottes for girls.
Flip flops are only permissible if they have a back strap.
No spaghetti strap tops.
If skirts are above the knee the pupil will need opaque tights.