1st April 2018

Mr Gary Oak

Head of My Body: My World Faculty

Mrs Sharon Adams

Head of My Thinking Faculty

Maths and Science are currently working together to develop the transferral of skills between the two subjects. In addition to our weekly ‘Maths for Science’ lesson for our GCSE pupils, we decided to deliver a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) exercise in which pupils had to build a crane.

The rules:

* You must build a crane on the bench that can lift a weight

* The winch must be electric powered

* The crane must be 20cm

* The weight will be 20cm out from the edge of the bench

* You must buy all the materials you need from the engineering shop

(price list attached)

* You earn money for completing certain milestones

Pupils initially amazed us with their conversational skills and the ability to work as a team. This progressed throughout the day, testing emotional resilience, problem solving and team work. Producing plans for their project paid them an initial £7.00 and this then enabled pupils to fund their build! There were challenging times especially when the tower was not heavy enough to support the weight being lifted but by ‘buying in’ consultancy and persevering, the pupils managed success!