KS2 Provision

Miss Steph Verran

KS2 Teacher


Our newly appointed KS2 provision at Pencalenick is a purpose-built space with an enclosed outside area. Pupils have a semi-formal curriculum with a strong focus on communication, interaction and independence. Each term has an overarching theme and classroom learning is cross-curricular where and when appropriate. Our pupils are additionally supported by phonics sessions and are enrolled on the Accelerated Reader Programme.

Pupils engage in additional subjects within the mainstay of the school enabling them access to specialist equipment and teaching for example in PE and Science. Pupils are then supported to aim towards their fullest potential along with a view to our school ethos and KS2 individuals with particular strengths or needs are supported in accessing these outcomes with additional sessions in these areas on a one-to-one basis or in small groups away from main lesson learning. Our main learning sessions are structured to enable staff and pupils to work in small groups on tasks designed to challenge pupils whilst being obtainable so learners can grasp independent skills who willingly have a go and can make the choice to ask for help when needed.

KS2 Pupils are assessed using the BARS (Behaviorally Anchored Rated Scale) assessment model and positive behavior is encouraged using the Class Dojo system where each pupil can collect Dojo points for positive behaviors individually and as part of their learning group. The class then vote on a whole class treat when they have achieved a class total of 500 Dojo points.

Giving pupils a sense of community is key to the ethos of KS2. Each year pupils adopt an animal through the WWF. Pupils choose a class animal in September when joining together as a class and learn about them and the country they are from throughout the year. In the academic year 2016/2017 the class adopted a Panda called Fluffy and learned about China, comparing it with the UK and finding out about important festivals in China. This year the class chose a Mountain Gorilla called Ihoho and as a result our Yr 5 & 6  pupils have thought of some excellent questions about Gorillas that we will be answering throughout the year. Our learners are encouraged to help raise the money to support their chosen animal and they do this primarily by making and selling biscuits in the tuck shop. 

A key aspect of KS2 is the learning of independence and appropriate behaviors whilst out and about. Pupils undertake a range of visits and out of school learning which promotes independence and enquiry about the world around us. Recent visits have included visiting St Clements Church, Chacewater Garden Centre, Truro Library, Truro Museum and local shops as well as exploring the school grounds and surrounding woods where the pupils enjoy watching the seasonal changes and looking out the wide array of wildlife and plants that thrive in our locality.