Thrive is an approach that is encompasses all children within our school. This is achieved by a whole school approach yet at times it may require your child to experience a one to one session of play and self-exploration with a Thrive Practitioner to guide them through tricky moments, uniquely designed with your child in mind.

Some sessions will extend the learning of the child in social situations whereby they will experience working with others to expand their social engagement with their peer groupings, collaborative play and turn taking; all of which will develop their learning power, build knowledge and extend their skills.
The heart of the Thrive approach endeavours' to make all children feel as special as each of them are to you and to us here at Pencalenick School.  Emphasizing  on the importance of helping your child to feel special, feel safe and have their individual needs met will help them to engage into curious and creative activities, which in turn will expand their problem solving skills and abilities.
Friday afternoons have become whole school “Thrive afternoons”. This means that social and emotional development has a specific time on the timetable. The activities are designed to enhance the skills the pupils are learning during the week, but in a much less formal way.

The pupils are grouped together as follows:




Opportunity to socialise with other pupils in structured play sessions 

Year 7

Functional Literacy and Numeracy. The pupils will be able to use their English and maths skills in a range of fun activities provided by the Maths and English teams

Year 8/9/10

The pupils are vertically grouped and will have activities including :

  • Commando
  • Technology
  • Creative

The groups will rotate every half term so that they all experience the different sessions

Year 11

“Moving On”... this is an opportunity to enable the Year 11 pupils to understand and develop their life skills and working skills as part of their transition to college and life after “Pencalenick.

Prime groups

The Prime pupils will integrate and socialise with the other pupils where appropriate and there will be opportunity to practice their personal skills in a less formal setting.