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Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for every aspect of the life ahead of them.  This begins by building on the basic foundations of safety, wellbeing and deep and lasting relationships.  Once pupils feel safe and secure, our curriculum sets out to reduce a pupil's barriers to learning as identified through their EHCP. 


The curriculum is delivered through our hub-based teaching model and ensures all pupil needs are understood and met. We offer a wide range of exciting subjects which provide learning outcomes for possible accreditation in KS4 but also valuable and contextualised life skills. 


The theme of personal development drives everything we do in supporting pupils to be 'future ready.'  We focus on instilling core values to equip and empower young people to become positive members of their community.  These values include honesty, making good choices, being kind and caring, always trying your best, respecting other people and taking responsibility for your actions.  

We value each learner as an individual and aim to personalise all learning experiences as much as possible. We do this by using both EHCPs and the National Curriculum, which is adapted to ensure engagement of all learners regardless of need.

Curriculum Implementation

 Pencalenick is blessed with a highly skilled and diverse staff team covering a wide range of subject specialisms.  The subject coordinators have constructed a five year curriculum offer to educate and inspire pupils as they develop skills and knowledge relevant for the future.  Learning is delivered to groups of learners with similar learning styles to enable personal learning goals to be achieved in synergy with academic outcomes. 

Our ethos and values continue to underpin our curriculum. We take a mastery approach to all learning; first teaching discrete skills, then offering increasing opportunities to rehearse and embed these across different contexts so that the learning becomes generalised and lifelong.  Our assessment of pupil progress is driven by our Bloom's based P-CAS (Pencalenick Cognitive Assessment Steps) system which enables sequences of learning to be constructed to ensure that every learning opportunity is pitched at the right level to maximise impact.   In turn, this generates confident, independent learners who are invested and engaged in their own learning journey because it is both relevant and enjoyable.  Learning journeys are sequenced and purposeful to have maximum value in preparing pupils for the next steps in their learning. 

As pupils continue on their journey through the school we increase the focus on developing life skills and resilience; enriching the learning with real life, contextual experiences as we prepare pupils to be able to access the wider world and achieve their full potential.  Accreditation and qualifications are offered to all pupils at Key Stage 4, this includes GCSEs, Entry Level Certificates, Functional Skills and a variety of ASDAN qualifications. 

Pencalenick School welcomes the opportunity to work with parents, members of the local community and other agencies. We endeavour to provide all pupils with appropriate extended enrichment opportunities and encouragement to participate, achieve and enjoy their learning.

Curriculum Impact

Our pupils are ready for the future; equipped with the skills, independence and confidence to tackle life's opportunities and challenges in the pursuit of success and happiness in world of work and leisure. 


Do you want more information on our curriculum?

Please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak to Jodie Watkins-Young, Curriculum Lead, who will be happy to answer any further queries you may have.