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ICT & Computing

New technology has become essential to the lives of young people in today’s society, both within school and at home.  Here at Pencalenick School we use these technologies in a variety of ways throughout the school curriculum to promote skills for life and future employment.  Computing offers a wealth of learning opportunities for our pupils to reach their own potential throughout their learning journey at Pencalenick School.  All pupils will be encouraged to reach their own potential in ICT & Computing with pupils achieving relevant qualifications based on their ability.  For more information, please contact Subject Lead, Richard Crowther.  Email:

The ICT & Computing curriculum has been broken down into specific areas

Online safety

  • How to stay safe on the internet and with new and modern day technologies
  • “Stranger Danger”
  • The importance of passwords and remembering them


  • Linking with other areas of the curriculum to collect data
  • Progress to Microsoft Excel to represent collected data


  • Creating a variety of documents using Microsoft Word
  • Taking photos and editing them
  • Producing drawn images using a variety of programmes
  • Exploring animations using different apps and mediums
  • Making presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Produce eye catching publications using Microsoft Publisher


  • Programming a BeeBot to follow simple directional instructions advancing to a more complicated maze
  • Using Scratch to produce basic animations through programming skills

Modern day technology

  • Internet and email usage
  • Blogging
  • Video conferencing
  • Apps