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In simple terms we see the ethos of pastoral as ‘tea, toast and turn um round!’

Our stated aim is to support the student back into their learning environment. Sometimes this can be as simple as a quick chat over a cup of tea but equally may involve us working with the student individually on subject provided work or projects in the pastoral setting. It maybe that we also directly support the student within the classroom or learning space.

The Pastoral Team have a very distinct and different way of working with pupils; they rely on supportive relationships that have been professionally crafted over time. Pastoral support requires strong information sharing between staff about pupils.

The current pastoral team are made up of individuals that have a variety of backgrounds in supporting students from subject specific experience and speech and language to outdoor education via a military career.  The team also have extensive experience in providing support in the form of intervention using de-escalation strategies (95%) and as a last resort (5%) physical intervention.  The school uses a strategy called Team Teach (     

Pastoral has a dedicated space made up of quiet zones, learning zones, play zones and a sensory room.  Located on the edge of the schools learning area, this allows support to be provided away from the main teaching areas.

Pastoral is here to help with:

  • Calming down
  • Relaxing
  • Playing quietly
  • Resting and Recovering
  • Feeling looked after
  • Getting support
  • Spending time with friends
  • Chatting with others

For more information, please contact Angela Whitfield.  Email: