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Residential Provision

Pencalenick School, a member of the Special Partnership Trust, is a countywide provision and has a vibrant, lively and popular residential facility.

We can accommodate up to 23 pupils aged 11 to 16 for varying numbers of nights each week. Some pupils may stay for one night, others may stay for longer periods. There is no distinction between pupils who stay for more than one night and those who stay for only one night in terms of enjoyment and engagement.  This takes place in an environment which is safe, fun and exciting. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils who stay are afforded the same access to developing self- help skills and becoming independent young people enabled to make choices and decisions.

Parents and Carers report that their children are more independent because of Boarding and that in many cases, greater self- awareness has a positive impact on their child’s behaviour and maturity.

Tutors report a noticeable difference in pupils who board in terms of independence, self- care and readiness to learn.

The accommodation is in the main school across two floors of the building, a Grade 2 Listed house, which is beautiful but brings a unique set of challenges! The provision has recently benefited from a substantial financial input which has resulted in new decorations and furnishings throughout.

Boarders are included in the development of the provision as much as possible. In a recent audit they said  :

I like my bedroom a lot

I like the colour of the games room, its really cool!

They enjoyed the activities and liked going to the beach and parks

They liked staying at school as they didn’t have friends at home.

“Liked being with people my own age as I don’t do much mixing with other people at home”

The food was popular

The choice of activities was varied

The staff group of seven are committed, enthusiastic and caring. They are trained for the role that they perform and undertake regular additional training to develop and extend their practice. They are confident and skilful in supporting pupils to develop appropriate behaviours in a variety of settings and are committed to ensuring that pupils get the most they can from the boarding experience.