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Wellbeing sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each pupil who may require short or long-term interventions using a trauma-sensitive approach, as well as providing a therapeutic space for groups of pupils to explore what it means to live a healthy and balanced life. The sessions can support PSHE curriculum work as well as physical and religious education, as pupils explore what it means to connect with others and the ever-changing environment.

During a Wellbeing session pupils are encouraged to communicate their needs using a range of options available to them, including opportunities for sensory exploration, using the outdoors to explore mindfulness, art and craft, music and movement and ‘time for talking.’ If pupils are working on a one-to-one basis to support a specific challenge in their lives, parents will be given regular updates to promote collaborative care around often, sensitive issues.

 In future we hope to be able to use yoga as a tool to explore movement and body awareness for health, opportunities to build resilience within a safe environment, life-long tools for self-regulation and self-care, creativity, play and a sense of belonging and community through shared experiences.